About us

Geerts, the innovative specialist in deep drawing

A nice example of deep drawing
As the specialist in the field of deep drawing and re-shaping metal, Geerts has the largest deep drawing machine in Europe. Deep drawing is the seamless re-shaping of steel, aluminium, copper, brass, titanium and stainless steel in to any possible shape: from cylindrical to square shapes and anything in between for any branch and any purpose. Precise to the millimetre with a minimal wastage in sheet and wall gauge. An important reason for clients to work with us is that we can produce nearly anything. Geerts deep draws all shapes, from small to 600 mm high!

By using different deep drawing techniques Geerts can deep draw most types of metal to practically any desirable shape. Stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass in gauge ranging from 0,4 mm to 3,0 mm. Deep drawing is extremely efficient and provides the final product or semi-finished product with great added value.

Every article exactly made to measure (and seamless)

Deep drawing is seamless and as a result less susceptible to rust and maintenance. For branches such as the medical, energy, petrochemical and food industries this represents added value. The mould and the seal always make a product exactly to measure. In other words: if it has to be dimensionally stable and seamless, deep drawing is the only alternative.

Everything starts with a clever concept

Helping to think is the concept phase with the client. Thinking of solutions that can make the fabrication process at the client’s simpler, therefore more efficient. What are the possibilities and impossibilities of for example cupper, brass, aluminium, titanium and stainless steel? This requires knowledge of materials. Besides that we need to know how industries operate: is it possible or impossible to use certain materials, what are the limiting conditions? Furthermore Geerts will consult with renowned metal producers about materials and do tests and research in cooperation with them. Our (semi finished) products are made to cooperate, something clients can rely on.

Geerts, specialist in deep drawing for a reason